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Our Story...So Far

TeeBusters.com are based in Dublin, Ireland and we ship limited edition clothing worldwide!

We sell t-shirts and zip up hoodies designed by artists and designers from all over the world!

Artists and designers submit their designs to TeeBusters.com where they are reviewed for sale on the website. Customers, friends, fans & followers then vote on the design if they wish to see it printed for their own limited edition, once off t-shirt and hoodie!

Each t-shirt and hoodie is screen printed with love here in Dublin to ensure you receive a high quality, one of a kind product!

Not only do you receive a limited edition, unique item of clothing when you shop at TeeBusters.com, you also avail of the cheapest prices in Europe!

We welcome all artists and designers to submit their designs to TeeBusters.com for polling & if the customers would like to see it on a t-shirt and hoodie, we make it happen!

We pay designers more per t-shirt and hoodie sold with a guaranteed minimum amount, so join TeeBusters today!

TeeBusters is a multicultural employer, we believe in being Ethical,Fair and Honest.

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    TB HQ

    Teebusters House

    24 JFK Road

    Dublin 12, Ireland

    Email: info@teebusters.com