I'm Sophie :) Lil ol' England. Love all kinds of design and illustration, anything clever or witty always catches my eye, but I'm also a sucker for something which just looks pretty :P Love cult films & TV shows. My life is fuelled by tea. Design: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/sophie_doodles BLOG: REDBUBBLE: PORTFOLIO:


  • SallyDiamonds  2012-08-23 12:42:37
    I really like this!
  • sophiedoodle  2012-09-04 05:39:01
    Thanks, I will be sad to see Amy Pond leave!
  •   2012-11-14 11:42:59
    AWESOME!!! Will this be printed soon??
  • thischarmingfan  2013-04-22 17:14:38
    Great design Sophie! COngrats on the print!
  • sophiedoodle  2013-04-22 19:16:27
    Thank you! :)
  • parttimesaint  2013-04-23 03:24:15
    Would be nice if you acknowledged that the figure is a copy of Michael Turner's cover illustration for Superman/Batman #13.
  • sophiedoodle  2013-04-23 08:27:32
    It is not an exact copy, but yes the physical pose for this drawing was based on a Supergirl illustration by Michael Turner in order to make the parody more believable.

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