I'm Sophie :) Lil ol' England. Love all kinds of design and illustration, anything clever or witty always catches my eye, but I'm also a sucker for something which just looks pretty :P Love cult films & TV shows. My life is fuelled by tea. Design: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/sophie_doodles BLOG: REDBUBBLE: PORTFOLIO:


  • ChubbyBuddhist  2012-04-16 19:21:53
    we have a Hulk
  • irene  2012-05-11 19:27:47
    Just saw the movie great design Sohpie
  • MischievousFrostgiant  2012-05-13 14:35:13
    Amaaaazing design - I'd buy it 8D
  • mpos  2012-05-15 09:20:59
    I love this!
  • sophiedoodle  2012-05-15 10:31:06
    Thanks for the support everyone! :) Not long to wait now...
  • Talesoftobv  2012-05-15 18:34:59
    I was so excited to order this! Thank you for the amazing design! :)
  • laure  2012-05-16 00:54:48
    I love this design !! Thanks :)
  • Aerin  2012-05-16 03:08:42
    I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to buy this one. It's an awesome design, perfect really.
  • Envie  2012-05-16 11:40:52
    Bought it! <3
  • PlutoRobyn  2012-05-16 14:09:36
    Rocking design Sophie. Just bought mine
  • cheree  2012-05-16 14:20:19
    more loki themed shirts would be great hehe ^^
  • GreyPanda  2012-05-16 14:42:35
    Just ordered one. Although, now I am worried it will be too small.
  • kaisa12  2012-05-16 16:52:07
    Just ordered mine ! I hope I have choosen the right size >.<
  • jodiethejodster  2012-05-16 17:05:52
    I just ordered mine :D Can't wait XD
  • FratiSpitfire  2012-05-16 18:11:31
    Just ordered it, I couldn't miss this one! Great design Sophie C:
  • sophiedoodle  2012-05-16 18:25:52
    Thanks for the positive comments! And thanks to Teebusters for making this possible! You're all part of the army now :D
  • rowena  2012-05-16 18:36:09
    This is amazing! I just bought it for myself as a present for when I finish my exams and I am very excited to show it off :D
  • SebbyZMLatt  2012-05-16 18:54:46
    this is a must have tee!!
  • carlin  2012-05-17 05:44:13
    just ordered mine, cant wait!
  • ValmureEld  2012-05-17 08:14:09
    Just totally impulse bought this. What can I say? Loki's got me under his little finger =P
  • sercastiel  2012-05-17 09:16:11
    Saw it, bought it. ^_^ Awesome shirt!
  • Erusa  2012-05-18 03:06:52
    I wanted it... But I guess it´s not available anymore.. or I just cant understand well enought this page
  • cutiebee  2012-05-22 10:13:47
    Ordered & waiting eagerly for its arrival at my mailbox! (^_^) Though a bit worried I might have ordered the wrong size... Great design!!
  • orcalee  2012-05-22 22:23:52
    It's been long enough (or am I just too impatient!) and the order is still "processing"...anyone else has the same status? (*dies in anticipation)
  • TeeBusters  2012-05-23 09:19:09
    Hi oraclee, please be a little more patient. Your t-shirt should arrive soon : )
  • orcalee  2012-05-23 19:11:26
    Thank you for your response, TeeBusters! It's very reassuring---anxious because I'm moving next Monday so would really hope to get it before then! I'm sure it will come soon!
  • holmes-  2012-05-29 17:27:12
    i got it! amaziinng *_*
  • Elle_Driver  2012-05-29 19:01:04
    I just got it! its awesome :-D
  • Hastalis  2012-05-30 01:55:00
    I need this.. how do I get this now =[
  • Skylar1592  2012-05-30 06:39:25
    This is just amazing, I love it!
  • believeitgirl  2012-05-30 20:03:16
    I'm not able to get this now, am I? T-T I just got paid today too.
  • shukaru  2012-06-01 21:44:33
    how do i buy this!? want one so bad! ;_;
  • KyrieOfMischief  2012-06-02 18:12:36
    I can't wait to have this! I want this so bad!!!
  • SebbyZMLatt  2012-06-03 11:53:42
    i received yesterday.. awesome!!
  • shukaru  2012-06-04 06:52:06
    how do i buy? i see no buy button (new to this site)
  • KyrieOfMischief  2012-06-04 16:00:19
    Is there any hope that this shirt goes on sale again?
  • TeeBusters  2012-06-13 18:17:29
    Hi There , sorry this Tee has faded and gone to Tee heaven, there are no plans to bring back to the living world
  • ladymonahan  2012-06-22 16:52:33
    I hope there's a way to get this again! It's so amazing
  • bloodynatalie  2012-07-16 01:46:52
    so is it ever gonna be back on teebusters? or can u get it anywhere else?
  •   2012-11-14 11:45:04
    This has over 900 votes, bring back Loki TeeBusters!! Vote in the Bring back thread in forum and TeeBusters might bring this back, I want a Loki zoodie asap!!
  • elainepr  2012-12-05 12:11:25
    Bought mine yesterday, but the order is still "processing"... Hopefully there won't be any mistake and I'll get this amazing shirt. :)
  • TeeBusters  2012-12-05 12:16:03
    Hi Elainepr , dont worry you order will be processed very soon
  • 03elswos  2012-12-05 19:12:18
    Bought two a couple days ago and they are still "processing", heres hoping they'll still be sent and ill get them!
  • 03elswos  2012-12-16 18:40:48
    hey, bought two of these and they were dispatched last friday (the 7th) and its now the 16th and they havent arrived :(

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