Art Specification

In order to successfully submit your design you must adhere to the following art specification guidelines & provide two files. 

File 1- Submission Requirements:

1 JPG image required to showcase your design and to advertise your work in the polling section of

  1. Register with TeeBusters and see 'Art Entry' to download the 'Design Visual Template' to prepare your submission image. Follow the notes and the attached video on the 'Design Visual Template' for guidance. 
  2. Files submitted must be in a .jpg format 
  3. Files submitted must be below 300kb
  4. Dimensions of submission image: strictly 724 x 410 pixels 
 See the 'Polling' section for examples of design submissions. 

File 2- Printing Requirements:

1 .PSD  or .AI file required. The following are the file requirements necessary to have your design screen-printed at
  1. Each layer must be separated. Files without seperated layers will not be accepted. 1 colour=1 layer
  2. Maximum dimensions of the design print is A3 (16 x 12inch)
  3. Minimum resolution 300 dpi
  4. Minimum width 29cm (proportional to height)
  5. No more than 7 colours should be used.

  • Company Info
  • Company registered address:

    TB HQ

    Teebusters House

    24 JFK Road

    Dublin 12, Ireland